by We Deserve This

Pacific 04:21
Atlantic 04:36
12/13/13 04:12
I Quit 04:30


Tears Like An Ocean, Fears Like The Night
Above We Fly


released August 1, 2015

Performed, Recorded, Mixed And Mastered By Jan-Dirk Platek

Album Artwork By Brian Morgante

This is a FLUTTERY RECORDS release.
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We Deserve This is a one man project formed in the year 2010 by Jan-Dirk Platek. The music can find itself a place in the post-rock, post-metal area in the genres palette.

He was born in 1976 in Germany and he is a multi-instrumentalist who plays all the instruments on the record. He thinks that the biggest influence was his grandfather in his musical journey. The grandfather was a music teacher and helped him to learn to play various instruments pretty fast. Also he works as a sound and light technician in a theatre in Germany. He says that this playing with sounds and lights has helped him to look at the things in different angles which also influences the way he makes music.

Pacific is a very dark record with lots of post-metal influences. Heavy riffs combined with melancholic melodies are creating a massive wall-of-sound. Jan says "We Deserve This has a lot of different influences but Pacific is the darkest record in my mind-blowing discography." If you need a dark, heavy record with catchy riffs than this is exactly what you need. You can chill to these record but also bang your head as hard as you can - both aspects are included.

"Pacific is the proof of the musical evolution of We Deserve This and, with the attempt to go towards the post metal territory, Jan Platek delivers and enjoyable instrumental album." Daniela Patrizi - Echoes And Dust

"So as far as I'm concerned this is a fantastic album with enough variation to remain interesting and refreshing for the entire duration."
Serge - Merchants Of Air

"His latest effort is a full length record called Pacific which should appeal to post rock fans who enjoy hard rock and metal references woven into the music. While these are not meditative soundscapes, they certainly don’t lack atmosphere. The riffs are plentiful and quite heavy but Platek keeps the album from feeling plodding or claustrophobic by allowing adequate space in each song for clean guitar lines to ring out and let the melodies soak in. The final coda, ‘The Serious Ending’, is particularly enjoyable."
Stationary Travels

"Jan Platek has finally found the way to deliver an Album with (almost) only killer tracks. He combined the great and wonderful melodies that are so remarkable and the biggest strength of WDT and finally added a big Post-Metal and big Post-Hardcore feeling and sound to them. Rounded up with a crystal clear, warm and very punching sound and one of the most powerful and crunchy guitar sounds ever this is an Album that will appear in many best of lists when the year 2015 is over. And somehow Jan has moved a away from being a pure post-rock act. The music has become better, more powerful, matured and you feel the progress he has made in songwriting. And finally he shows us some of his biggest influences with the references to Cult of Luna and Isis in his sound and songwriting. One of the best and most emotional releases in 2015. And for the first time there is also a change in the Cover Artwork for WDT which has been done by Flesh an Bone Design. Fantastic work !" Chris - Post Rock Essentials


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We Deserve This Germany

Instrumental Music from Germany.

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